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 Hey guys, so way back when when I announced the game start, with all my amazing foresight, I picked a Tuesday.  

That's just silly.

So instead, we will be starting the game on the evening of the 13th.  Because... I mean, I like whole numbers, but no one likes Tuesdays, and how can I pass up starting on Friday the 13th?

Sorry for any inconvenience.  In the meantime, feel free to use the preamble thread to give your folks a whirl.
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Howdy folks, and welcome to this strange Pokemon-meets-It-meets-Stranger-Things game.  

I'm happy to have you all with us as we direct these poor little tykes and their pokemon through the mysteries unfurling in Blackbell.  This was meant to be a casual game for a group of friends, spurred on by the release of a new gen of Pokemon and a group love of the Stranger Things series.  As it was developed, it became more serious, and I thought there would be plenty of people who enjoyed the same two things directly responsible for the game, so I decided to open it to the public and we're glad to see ya.

And because this is now a public game, we don't all know one another, introductions are in order.
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